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SAMSUNG Convertible 5 IN 1 Refrigerator 415L (INVERTER – RT42K )

Original price was: Rs.418,250.Current price is: Rs.259,990.

SAMSUNG Convertible 5 IN 1 Refrigerator 345L (INVERTER – RT37M)

Original price was: Rs.337,890.Current price is: Rs.219,990.


Original price was: Rs.329,990.Current price is: Rs.189,990.

Samsung Single Door Direct cool Refrigerator [192L]

Original price was: Rs.99,990.Current price is: Rs.69,990.

SAMSUNG 253L Invertor Refrigerator (RT28A3021GS)

Original price was: Rs.251,599.Current price is: Rs.145,000.

Samsung Single Door Inverter Refrigerator RR20A10CAGS [192L]

Original price was: Rs.124,990.Current price is: Rs.79,990.

LG 258L Platinum Silver Top Freezer Smart Inverter Refrigerator

Original price was: Rs.179,990.Current price is: Rs.149,990.

Innovex 250L Double Door Refrigerator (Inverter Technology) – INR-240I

Original price was: Rs.134,990.Current price is: Rs.119,990.

Innovex 200L Deep chest Freezer ICHF20D2

Original price was: Rs.114,990.Current price is: Rs.99,990.

Innovex 250 Ltr Double Door Refrigerator DDN240

Original price was: Rs.119,990.Current price is: Rs.99,990.

Innovex 240L Double Door Refrigerator IDR240

Original price was: Rs.119,990.Current price is: Rs.89,990.

Innovex 180L Double Door Refrigerator DDR195

Original price was: Rs.89,990.Current price is: Rs.79,990.

Innovex 300L Deep Chest Freezer

Original price was: Rs.124,990.Current price is: Rs.114,990.

Hisense Mini Bar Refrigerator 42L

Original price was: Rs.59,990.Current price is: Rs.45,990.

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